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  1. What's on the workbench today.
  2. New Grips
  3. New custom grips for my NH T-3 from Zane
  4. ratpatrol's new grips.
  5. Valor Has Some New Shoes
  6. finally got my website up.
  7. Well I got a package today from Zane.
  8. sorry Zane for the delay, but I have new shoes....
  9. new shoes for a commander
  10. More from Lone Star
  11. New grips from Zane @ Lonestar Grips
  12. New grips
  13. grips from start to finish.
  14. Latest from Zane ...
  15. my first Holster
  16. Lone star Ivory grips are in..
  17. First set of Lone star Ivory was so nice had to get another set.
  18. ..................
  19. Sunday Morning Gospel