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  1. welcome
  2. Boston Paralyzed
  3. Things that bother me about Boston
  4. Myth Buster!
  5. Saudi National
  6. Lame Duck Obama!
  7. In West Virginia, Really????
  8. Liar, Liar!
  9. WV Teen scores 1st&2nd Amendment victory
  10. A warning from Guns America
  11. Russia calls out BHO as a pure Communist!
  12. Bush 43's Statement at his library dedication
  13. BHO: "Maybe I should just pack up and go home"
  14. House Democrats claim global warming will drive women to prostitution
  15. Heroes
  16. bucket list
  17. Illinois
  18. This should make you mad as H***!
  19. More Lying
  20. POTUS E-Z pass to criminals
  21. I Apologize for America, Now Help Me Win the House in 2014!
  22. Waking the dragon — How Feinstein fiddled while America burned
  23. Kansas Secretary of State to Eric Holder....
  24. Benghazi timeline released
  25. If you don't know, you need to!
  26. More important info
  27. Backlog of Thousands of Applications, Permits from Connecticut Gun Law
  28. Good pro gun data in report
  29. Take the "which Commie said it " test !
  30. Traitors (ALL 46 of them) 44 Democrats 2 Independents
  31. AP has phones tapped by Holders justice dept
  32. FBHO threatens media with fed investigation.....
  33. DC Turns on Obama
  34. Eric Holder - "I don't know"
  35. Arizona scored a huge victory ...
  36. Pathetic!
  37. Beretta bails
  38. Canadian version of Letterman's top 10…..
  39. Ted Cruz calls out Rino McCain
  40. Holder Signed off on Fox News Warrant
  41. Senators say Holder can not investigate himself
  42. Why are kalifornia demorats.......
  43. Sequester is fed speak for Now Hiring
  44. Kalifornia trying to beat Kolorado and NY
  45. Is it just me or does this seem creepy like "1984"?
  46. Bear with me as I rant a little bit....
  47. Obama voters not welcome
  48. Connecticut Revises Gun laws.
  49. Okla. Rep. Bridenstine questions BHO
  50. NSA collecting all phone call data
  51. DHS: It's About to get Ugly!
  52. It's NOT Big Brother
  53. Anybody seen this?
  54. Free Stuff
  55. "You can Trust me!"
  56. NSA Whistleblower
  57. IRS: We Can't Tell You Who Violated Your Privacy
  58. House votes to delay DHS buying Ammo
  59. ACLU suing Obamo administration
  60. "Open Mic" moment in Egypt
  61. and the hits just keep on piling up
  62. BHO Restricts spying in Mosques but Ok to spy you
  63. Kalifornia passes $50 ammo permit fee per purchase
  64. NSA admits listening to our phone calls
  65. In God we Trust - In This Government ....
  66. Accused Fort Hood gunman cannot use defending Taliban defense
  67. All the infrastructure a Tyrant would need
  68. Left loses big in voter ID SCOTUS case
  69. George Zimmerman should walk free after hearing this
  70. Zimmerman Prosecutor Angela Corey Criminally Indicted By Citizens' Grand Jury
  71. Egypt just lives BHO
  72. Tahrir Square Webcam Live
  73. Poster of the day
  74. What is He afraid of?
  75. Russian troops in US????
  76. Muslim connection to Benghazi
  77. The Secret Supreme Court
  78. Saudi National
  79. House Demonidiots propose natl park on the MOON
  80. Worth The Watch
  81. If GZ is acquitted, we're gonna burn Whitey's neighborhood
  82. Student loan program, or why the libs are mad
  83. NOT GUILTY! Hurray!
  84. TM was warned that GZ could be a Gay Rapist!
  85. My child is gifted. He’s also 29, unemployed........
  86. Recall election for Colorado Dems set
  87. Motor City is bankrupt
  88. Obama: 'Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me 35 Years Ago'
  89. Save Phineas...
  90. Bill Whittle - The Lynching of George Zimmerman
  91. Who is actually supporting this administration?
  92. 13 yr old raped by illegals
  93. Weiner throbbing to get into office again....
  94. Walking Eagle
  95. Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords
  96. Youngest murder victim...
  97. Putin's short speech!
  98. Sickening!
  99. DEA screws up royally!
  100. XKeyscore, Snowden and How I know what you're doing
  101. Seattle is off and running again!
  102. More Benghazi Surprises
  103. From the Land of Fruits and Nuts
  104. A Quick History Quiz
  105. Nuff Said.
  106. Don't Shoot If Someone is coming at you . . .
  107. In case the NSA wasnt secretive enough........
  108. Valerie Jarrett gave Benghazi standown order
  109. sign this petition...
  110. 2nd Amendment
  111. Obama Geography Fail
  112. Kahr leaving NY
  113. I Promised Myself...
  114. FBHO and the UN
  115. This . . is just WRONG!!
  116. Single Payer System, or how obumacare killed the medical profession
  117. Breaking news, CA girl safe
  118. Snowden was right!
  119. This s..t is getting old...
  120. Our tax dollars at work.....
  121. Secret of Benghazi now being told......
  122. BHO believes in the 2nd Amendment...
  123. IRS and AR-15's
  124. Things You Generally Don't Hear About...
  125. It can't be said any plainer than this
  126. An apology letter to Mr. Obama
  127. NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year
  128. Walmart Earnings Disaster Exposes a Collapsing Economy
  129. When The Music Stops – How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence
  130. Hiroshima vs. Detroit
  131. 3 x 4 = 11
  132. Gun Control to get worse in Kalifornia
  133. "Clearly, any family may be visited by Feds for almost any reason
  134. D.H.S. Nutjob
  135. Cameron and BHO agree to military strike over WMDs
  136. Food for thought
  137. Chicago Safe Passage Routes!
  138. Faces of Evil
  139. Restaurant refuses Iraq War Veteran and service dog
  140. Walmart vs the Morons
  141. Syria warns if attacked, they will set fire to Tel Aviv
  142. Hasan sentenced to death.
  143. Administration announces new gun control measures, targets military surplus imports
  144. I have a dream... reloaded
  145. watching cspan now
  146. North Carolina law prohibits police from destroying guns
  147. Military .......just say No to Syria!
  148. Earthquake off Japan
  149. New trial in Montana...
  150. Ariel Castro dead after suicide
  151. Kali County votes to secede from state
  152. Russian Report: Syrian Rebels responsible for chemical attacks
  153. Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano steps down
  154. Lesson Learned
  155. Woman with 15 kids...OMG
  156. Hiding Out
  157. Pavda says 0b0z0 worst prez evva!
  158. Colorado Recalls
  159. Weiner comes up short in NYC
  160. Support Obama!
  161. Why 0bama really wants to go to war
  162. California Idiots....
  163. Armed Agents evict retired Marine
  164. Prayer Request
  165. J. Jackson Jr to get paid in jail!
  166. 2 Dictators
  167. Please
  168. So Starbucks is Banning Guns Sorta
  169. Read this slowly.....
  170. looks like everyone here made the list. . . .
  171. Chicago Murder Capital of the US
  172. Oh He Mad!
  173. Airsoft Gun Fight
  174. Hindenburg Omen
  175. Photobucket Privacy
  176. Happy Birthday Sheepdog
  177. More awsumness from Libya
  178. Fast & Furious--UP IN SMOKE?
  179. Clinton admits that Obumbo care is a ponzi scheme
  180. If a fly on The Wall Could Talk
  181. Authorize.net's anti-gun policy
  182. EPA to make wood-burning stoves illegal
  183. Alaska Just Nullified Unconstitutional Gun Control Laws
  184. Obama takes NRA advice
  185. Real numbers on Obamocareless
  186. More personnel sent to WWII memorial than Benghazi
  187. NSA Chief admits to lying
  188. Woman in DC with a CAR. She's Dead
  189. How to kill Obamacare and save the GOP
  190. Really ??????
  191. Damn Straight!
  192. Just when you thought The shutdown couldn't get more stupid....
  193. Unbelievable!
  194. Fyi
  195. From Alan West, former Fl. Rep
  196. DC Trucker protest
  197. Calif. gov. vetoes semi-automatic rifle ban
  198. Gabby & Mark go to a Gun Show in NY.
  199. Gotta love Texas
  200. Is Obama creating a martial-law-ready military?
  201. Does Army consider Christians, Tea Party, a terror threat?
  202. Oblamercare Coupon
  203. New Marine Cover
  204. Gun owners groups consider recalls of Ca. lawmakers
  205. Hillary Clinton, the movie she banned from theatres
  206. Anti-gunners freak out
  207. Bwahahahahahaha......
  208. Tennessee state senator presents kathleen sebelius with really embarrassing ‘gift’
  209. America functioning without a president
  210. 0bamacare sticker shock!
  211. New Jersey Mall Gunman.
  212. 'purge surge': Obama fires another commander
  213. Truth-o-Meter
  214. Obamas massive fraud
  215. Justice for thug robbers
  216. This country has gone over the edge!!
  217. This will Pi$$ You Off!
  218. Perspective
  219. Cheaper to be divorced than married under 0bummercare
  220. Dirty Harry objects to reward for Benghazi terrorists
  221. The World of BHO!
  222. The Gettysburg Address 150 yr. Anniversary
  223. Knockout Game Twist
  224. Making Congress Work
  225. The hunters become the hunted
  226. Grandma shoots 2 "knockout" punks
  227. TSA Spent $900 Million on Behavior Detection Officers Who Detected 0 Terrorists
  228. Eight quotes from 8 different books
  229. Obamacare Explained
  230. Joke of the day
  231. The "ONE"
  232. HIPPA Compliance
  233. CBO:Top 40% Paid 106.2% of Income Taxes; Bottom 40% Paid -9.1%, Got Average of $18,95
  234. 16 yr old kills 4 w/ DUI crash...
  235. CO school Shooting over in 80 seconds..anyone hear that on LSM?
  236. Holder claims FBI prevented 148 mass shootings in 2013
  237. The Gods of the Copybook Headings
  238. George Zimmerman, The Artist
  239. 0bama: everybody hates me
  240. Mikhail Kalashnikov, dead at 94
  241. Worst President Ever!
  242. 3.5 yrs, then and now
  243. Sandy Hook Reports Released
  244. New York Times Releases Benghazi Report?
  245. Chicago cops ordered to register all their guns
  246. Rifle Registration: Upward Of 30,000 Gun Owners And Counting
  247. Obama's Many Accomplishments!
  248. Fla teen beaten and raped
  249. Americans Indifferent About Destruction of Fourth Amendment ? Really?
  250. Hanoi Jane Is Her Role Model!!!