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My weekend

Posted 05-16-2011 at 01:34 PM by CalWhit33

Had a whole weekend off for once in a great while, and I made the most of it. Started off great with anticipation of picking up my RIA from a smith that I wanted to get some work done. Had the chamber worked on a little it was a tad tight, also get an extended thumb safety and swap some sights out. I got the call friday it was ready so early am Saturday I pull up just as they are opening, I walk inside and tell them who I am and what I had. They come back out with my pistol and my smile turns into a frown as i see it has the same sights and thumb safety. Mind you they have had my gun for almost two weeks and I was quoted drop off monday pick up friday. I asked what was done to my pistol as it looks unchanged they said they were just able to polish the chamber and feed ramp. They said the sights I brought in wouldn't fit and the Wilson thumb saftey wouldnt fit. I did see some marks on the frame where it looks like they might have tried. But didnt even attempt to take the sights off. I guess they could sense my unhappines because they just let me have my gun with no charge to polish it. Im going to contact RIA and send it to them to do the same things to it.

Oh well got finished there and met a buddy out at the range. What ever polishing the smiths did worked a little better than before as I was able to shoot complete magazines with out any failures, and the few failures I had were more ammo related rather than chamber. All I had were lead round nose reloads. Also my first experience with wilson mags and they are smooth. I set aside the rounds that gave me fits and loaded them up in my and it digested and spit them out no problem. Going to give a factory sizer crimp die a try if no improvements going back to plated stuff.

After this proceeded to head to the big city of Fort Worth to take the GF out for her birthday and pick up her present, of course I had my own agenda too. Stopped at Cabela's and wow that can be costly. Picked up a pelican case for my upcoming vacation by plane. And like usual walked the gun counter, but this time was different. There nestled in the 1911 case was the first DW I have ever layed eyes on. I asked to take a look at it, this was a stainless V-Bob and it fit like magic in my hand price $1,599. I had to show extreme will power to hand it back and walk away. This quickly jumped to top 2 on my next gun purchase. They also had a RZ45 which was no slouch either.

This morning went to the range again and ran the rest of the ammo I had on hand, and even got the S&W 642 dirty. Over all I had great weekend, now back to reality so if you'll excuse me I've got some guns to clean.
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    NAMVET72's Avatar
    So Calvin where is the Pics of of the Rock after you had it worked on??????
    Posted 05-16-2011 at 02:30 PM by NAMVET72 NAMVET72 is offline
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    I would post some pictures but there is no change to the appearance, the smith got lazy on me and didnt get the safety on I am assuming he didnt want to down size the safety pin to fit the holes, and didnt want to do a little filing on the sight to make it fit either because he didnt even remove the rear sight or unstake the front sight.
    Posted 05-16-2011 at 06:17 PM by CalWhit33 CalWhit33 is offline
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    SemperFi1977m's Avatar
    man...time to find a new smith. Glad the rest of your weekend was upbeat. Those V-BOBs are one sexy pistol and Im hoping to add one to the collection one day :-)
    Posted 05-16-2011 at 09:53 PM by SemperFi1977m SemperFi1977m is offline
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    herefordman1's Avatar
    You can get a better price on the vbob.

    Posted 05-18-2011 at 09:19 AM by herefordman1 herefordman1 is offline
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    I know I can find them just north of 1K but being the first I had ever seen or held I really wanted to walk away with it!!
    Posted 05-18-2011 at 03:59 PM by CalWhit33 CalWhit33 is offline

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