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LMT 308 MWS complete BCG???

Posted 10-16-2011 at 04:11 PM by Southpawmark

Originally Posted by allrockabilly View Post
Alright, I have been looking around and wondering where or if I can get a spare complete BCG for my LMT 308 MWS.

LMT does not have them posted on there website, they have all kinds of there 5.56 and 6.8 BCG's. I haven't called LMT yet but my guess is they probably won't sell just the BCG for the 308 yet. I ended up replacing my Buffer tube, (long story but I had issues getting the Castle nut off to install a Noveske QD end plate) I didn't completely ruin my old buffer tube but let's just say I wanted a brand new one (I'm pretty anal about certain things) and finding certain factory parts for the LMT 308 MWS is kinda dificult so I called LMT and they wouldnt sell me just the buffer tube . So I ended up having to purchase a complete rear end assembly (Buffer Tube, H3 Buffer, SOPMOD Buttstock, castle nut and end plate "no spring") $300 but it worked out, I got my brand new LMT buffer tube and this also gave me an extra SOPMOD Buttstock which I needed for my Daniel Defense M4. Also I now have a spare H3 Buffer...
Anyways this is why I have a feeling they won't sell me just the complete BCG. But I am not sure like I said I haven't called yet. I will call them this week.

BUT my question here is has anyone else found anywhere to purchase a BCG for the LMT 308 or a BCG that will work in the LMT 308 MWS? I was wondering if Armalites AR-10s BCG's would work? Or someone else's that I can get my hands on. I thought about the DPMS 308 BCG's but I think (I may be wrong) that the DPMS Bolt carrier is a bit shorter than the LMT.

I don't know I just want a spare complete Bolt and Carrier for my LMT308MWS....
Anyone have any experience on this subject??? It's hard to find results on the net as well. I am not too sure why LMT won't sell certain parts of the 308 MWS yet, my thoughts are they are still improving certain parts and trying to keep up with the demand of the weapon.


-Ryan S

Were you able to talk with Ryan in the sales department at LMT?
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