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And yet another Update. Had an excellent day on the precision range. Got a really nice grouping on the RPR. I just have to adjust a smidge more and I'll be right on target. But I also have to learn to control my own movements as well because no matter how accurate you are with your rifle, you also must have accuracy in how you hold it. And I'm complicating things by learning how to shoot left handed (I'm right handed, left eye dominant).

The AR is working perfectly and the bolt catch held after I emptied a mag. It is 100% now. I just have to keep it cleaned and oiled. And I have to make some minor adjustments in re: zeroing it in. At least, I'm on paper and very close to zero. I think one more range session should do it.

Thanks all. I'll most likely start the 2nd AR build in early 2022.
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