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Posted 08-15-2020 at 09:48 AM by Rick McC.

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So I am going to do some reloading this weekend, and I needed just a couple of things. I headed out to pick up some extra bullets and whatever else I could find. Kaden needed some .22 round as well. First store..NOTHING, second,NOTHINGÖ I didn't know the shortages were as bad as they were. I have enough stuff to reload about 1k or 45 and 500 10mm but was looking to stock up on a extra stuff...NOTHING. I did find some .22 for Kaden but that was pretty limited as well.
Powder and primers I have plenty just looking for more projectiles I guess. Is this a huge issue everyplace???

I guess I have been living under a rock lately.
Itís been an issue for a few months now.

Contact Precision Delta for projectiles. If they donít have them in stock immediately, you can be notified via email as soon as they make what youíre looking for.

I ordered 2000 115 gr JRN 9mm that was in stock at order time, and it took 3-4 weeks to receive it.
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